About the IJRRP

International Journal of Recent Research in Pharmacy was established in the year 2020. People from various avenues of  the Pharmacy profession, who have come together in a common forum to redefine the Pharmacy profession structure in the world, where it is regarded only as an industry-oriented occupation. IJRRP is peer reviewed online journal. The aim behind the journal is to help students, researchers and scientists around the world benefit from high-quality peer-reviewed papers and high-performance work in the Pharmaceutical sciences.

Developing the research publication is a forum for all students, budding pharmacists and pharmaceutical professionals. IJRRP’s primary aim is to bridge the gap between business and academia’s by promoting mutual understanding and partnerships between practitioners and research scholars.

International Journal of Recent Research in Pharmacy is released in January, March, September and December every quarter. The journal publishes original research work that significantly contributes to advancing scientific knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences. We dream of making IJRRP a place of reference and consultancy for the pharmacy group. IJRRP is expected to be a milestone in knowledge dissemination in the pharmaceutical sciences.

International Journal of Recent Research in Pharmacy covers whole spectra of Pharmaceutical Sciences research such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
  • Pharmaceutics,
  • Pharmacognosy,
  • Pharmacology,
  • Clinical Pharmacy,
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis,
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering,
  • Pharmaceutical Technology,
  • Phytochemistry,
  • Phytopharmaceuticals,
  • Nutraceuticals,
  • Herbal Drug Research,
  • Phytopharamcology,
  • Biopharmaceutics,
  • Allied Health Sciences